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Is Automation the Right Move?

This blog post highlights the four key steps in considering automation: 1. Do you really need automation? 2. What type of automation do you need? 3. What should your initial configuration look like? 4. What are the challenges you may face implementing an automation system?

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Make Fabrication Great Again

With recent changes in Washington, there have been 22 executive orders and an array of Presidential Memorandums and Presidential proclamations issues. With with these changes fabricators are feeling good, here is why.

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What is Direct Diode Laser Technology?

Recently, Mazak Optonics Corp. introduced a first of its kind laser-cutting machine which utilized a direct diode laser (DDL), the Versatile Compact Laser - Tube 100 (VCL-T100). Now we have announced another direct diode laser, the OPTIPLEX 3015 DDL. This machine has changed the game for high power laser cutting. Direct diode laser technology has shaken the industrial laser-cutting industry, but not everyone understands what it is, how it works or why it has gained such traction.

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