Optonics Underground Factory

Minokamo, Japan

Minokamo Plant 1, which is the largest production facility in our company, is where the INTEGREX multi-tasking machine series, CNC turning centers, compact vertical machining centers and laser processing machines are produced. 

Minokamo Plant 1 is now being integrated with Miokamo Part 2 utilizing the latest in advanced Big Data, IIoT and AI technologies. Minokamo Plant 2 is a facility that specializes in machining with high efficiency automation, production is optimized as well as having the ability to meet a wide range of customers' production requirements.

This facility has advanced production equipment, such as FMS lines with 5-face machining centers for large workpieces, e-BOT CELL 24-hour unmanned production systems, equipment used to produce ball screw components and a clean assembly area which is required for laser processing machines.