Mazak Newsroom

February 2020

Maximize Laser Processing with 2D Programming

Software is often an overlooked and underutilized tool for helping the laser machine achieve increased utilization and efficiency. Mazak Smart System offers a variety of functions that assist with maximizing flat sheet processing. Three software techniques to increase your laser-cutting efficiency include heat avoidance for thicker material, programming to cut parts with open profile geometry, and automatically applying different cutting conditions and speeds for different materials.

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The Three Biggest Upgrades to Mazak’s SMART Glasses

Wearable technology is being integrated in many ways in the industrial world, one of those ways is through Mazak’s SMART Glasses. Mazak has upgraded their SMART Glasses solution to better facilitate virtual support. The upgraded Mazak SMART Glasses overall have a new look and are now more stable, robust and user-friendly. Learn more about the top three improvements and how they benefit users.

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Conveying Cost Savings

Since 1907, Flexco, a global leader in conveyor belt systems, has been helping its customers maximize productivity by manufacturing mechanical fastener systems, belt cleaners, transfer chutes and maintenance rolls. Flexco has continuously looked to expand its collection of advanced manufacturing solutions to further increase productivity and meet production requirements. After researching, attending demonstrations and considering the options, Flexco selected the Mazak OPTIPLEX NEXUS FIBER 6kW machine. While the laser has improved efficiency through time, money, manpower and secondary processes, it has also improved in-house machinery usage.

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"The Canadian Laser Event" at Cambridge Facility

Mazak Optonics will host “The Canadian Laser Event” on April 29th and 30th from 9am to 4pm at the Mazak Canada Technology Centre in Cambridge, Ontario. This two-day event will include live demonstrations on the high power OPTIPLEX FIBER 10kW laser-cutting machine along with Mazak machining technologies. While highlighting the latest Mazak equipment, there will be seminars on high-performance air cutting, fabrication meets machining and automation advancements.

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January 2020

What to Know When Financing Capital Equipment

You found the laser machine to grow your business but how does financing capital equipment work? Purchasing capital equipment is one of the most common reasons that small businesses look for outside financing. Having the ability to upgrade or add new machinery to your operations allows companies to grow without having to pay for it all up front. There are three common options that fabricators and manufacturers have available to secure financing for their capital equipment.

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