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December 2019

Maximum Range for Maximum Throughput

MC3 Manufacturing, located in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada, designs and builds conveyors, filtration productions and chip conveyors while also offering custom fabrication productions. MC3 puts an emphasis on having the right systems in place to offer the best possible value to all customer orders. They do this by continuously working to improve processes by implementing new practices and equipment. Most recently they purchased a FABRI GEAR 400 4kW tube laser processing machine for better accuracy and faster turnaround. Learn more about the results MC3 has seen since implementing their FABRI GEAR III.

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Cutting Success for Mild Steel Plate

Successfully processing thicker mild steel plate (3/16” and thicker) with oxygen on fiber lasers can be challenging at times due to variations in plate composition, rust and scales issues, and difficulties managing heat buildup in the plate. Fortunately, Mazak laser-cutting machine tools come stocked full of options for combating the challenges associated with thick mild steel cutting but knowing which techniques to apply and when can be a little intimidating, especially for new laser users. Following these steps will shed some light onto the mysteries surrounding mild steel plate cutting.

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Apprenticeship Creates Careers in Fabrication

Maintaining a full-capacity of skilled workers has become a challenge among companies in the manufacturing and fabrication industries. The high demand for more skilled workers is what led Mazak Optonics to create an apprenticeship program at Mazak. After successfully completing the apprenticeship program, Shaikh, Luna, Avitia, Barnett, and Brown have earned a new career with Mazak.

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November 2019

Quick Start Guide to Tube Lasers

Tubes and pipes have found a growth in applications with continued advancements in tube technology. Tube lasers continued to get faster while also processing an increased range of materials types and shapes. While fabrication often focuses on flat sheeting material processing, tube and pipes fabrication is also a major player. Here is a quick start guide for what to think about with tube and pipe laser-cutting.

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October 2019

Fab(rication) Females

When people think of the manufacturing and fabrication industry, one of the first things that comes to mind is “male-dominated”. While this is accurate, it is important to encourage women to consider careers in manufacturing and fabrication. But how can we get more women in fabrication and manufacturing? Two fabrication females at Mazak Optonics Katie Menrath and Michelle Redish share their stories about their careers in the fabrication industry.

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Applying Lights Out Operation

Wouldn’t it be nice to go home for the night and return in the morning to have two finished sheets of cut parts? Mazak laser-cutting machines can easily be set up to run two additional sheets of material on its own, after hours. Increase your laser-cutting production with this Mazak Tech Tip by applying a lights out operation.

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September 2019

The Fruits of COE's Labors

COE Orchard Equipment (COE) is a manufacturer of harvesting equipment used for tree fruit, nut and olive crops based out of Northern California. COE’s harvesting equipment is state of the art and requires innovative technology in their manufacturing processes to match their company’s quality. Since implementing the OPTIPLEX 4020 FIBER 8kW, life at COE couldn’t be more fruitful.

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Importance of Preventative Fiber Laser Maintenance

Cleaning is a dreaded chore by all. However, in order to keep laser-cutting machines in optimal condition, cleaning and maintenance are crucial. This guide will reference benefits of preventative maintenance, where to clean on your fiber laser, resources to utilize for maintenance, and how Mazak Service is here to assist you.

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August 2019

Why High Power?

When you flip through any of the fabrication magazines, you will see advertisements and press releases all mentioning high-power lasers, which includes 6kW, 8kW, and 10kW. Why is it that the industry wants these higher power levels for laser-cutting? There are a variety of productivity and quality benefits that are realized when using higher power levels with laser-cutting. Discover why you need a high-power fiber laser-cutting machine in your fabrication operations.

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Stainless Steel Fabricator Upgrades to Fiber Laser Technology

Custom Kitchen Fabricator is a custom stainless steel manufacturer with commercial and residential clients. Their motto is, “if you want it in stainless, we can do it.” The OPTIPLEX CHAMPION 3015 FIBER 3kW fit the bill for their fabricating needs. Their new laser-cutting machine allows them to do all the cutting in less than one day and gives them better material utilization.

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July 2019

Preventing Fiber Window Spotting

All fiber laser systems contain a protective window located between the nozzle tip and focus lens. This window is a sacrificial barrier which prevents sparks and cutting debris from depositing itself on the bottom of the focus lens. It is important that this window remains clean to maintain optimal cutting performance. The protective window is considered a consumable part, therefore eliminating spotting entirely is not possible. There are techniques that can be implemented which will dramatically increase the lifespan of the window. Signs that the window requires maintenance include loss of cut, reduced cutting speeds, and deteriorating cut quality. Discover how the following techniques reduce unwanted spotting on the protective window.

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Marketing 101 for Job Shops

Marketing is involved through all stages of business and is a critical aspect to any company, even fabrication job shops. With new tactics and strategies coming out every year, it is hard to keep up with what is most impactful for fabricators. These three marketing basics can help your fabrication shop gain a solid marketing base, so you can focus on the engineering ahead.

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June 2019

Custom Systems OEM Speeds Up Production

Belco Industries is a custom systems OEM which makes extrusion equipment, finishing systems, industrial parts washers and drying ovens. Previously Belco had a 2.5kW CO2 laser from Laser Lab, but it was 20 years old. Chris Stewart, Belco's manufacturing engineer, knew that the answer was to get a new laser to meet their specific criteria. Stewart required a laser that had proven itself in the industry and decided on the Mazak OPTIPLEX FIBER III 8kW laser-cutting machine. Since implementing the OPTIPLEX FIBER 8kW there have been many benefits for Belco including reduced bottleneck. They are now able to produce more parts and cut thicker materials quicker with their new Mazak high-powered laser.

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Five Laser-Cutting Trends of 2019

By understanding the fabrication industry’s pain points, Mazak strives to fit your needs and improve your operations. Here are the top 5 laser-cutting trends that we are seeing in the fabrication industry that will drive the future of laser processing.

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May 2019

Automation Implementation Helps Fill Skills Gap Created by Aging Workforce

With baby boomers aging in droves, the challenge now is the loss of skills from one generation to the next. Unemployment levels are at an all-time low across the country which means it is increasingly more difficult to hire, replace and train new employees with enough time to transfer vital information to the new hire. Skills are gained over years; it isn’t easy for novice employees to replicate without side-by-side training. But what is the answer to the aging workforce and increasing skills gap?

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April 2019

The 3D FABRI GEAR Advantage

The 3D FABRI GEAR line was introduced in 1999 and since then Mazak has continued to advance their 3D laser-cutting technology. From a true 3D cutting head to the Mazak four-chuck system, the FABRI GEAR incredibly unique. The done-in-one process saves a number of hours and offers a better chance of making consistently accurate parts.

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OPTIPLEX FIBER III now with 10kW power

Mazak Optonics Corp. introduces their next level of fiber laser-cutting power. The OPTIPLEX Fiber III is now available with 10kW power offering increased cut speeds for greater throughput. The OPTIPLEX FIBER III utilizes the PreviewG Control and higher performance digital drive package designed for premium performance.

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March 2019

Logan Steel's Laser Opens New Doors

Steel service center, Logan Steel, increases capabilities and orders with Mazak fiber laser. Logan Steel is a second-generation, family owned steel service center in Meriden, Connecticut that adds value to raw material. Logan steel continues to grow with their customers and adding value. The new OPTIPLEX NEXUS FIBER 6kW laser was a way to open more doors to new work with the increased speed, tight tolerance and higher accuracy. It was the natural progression for Logan Steel’s customer base which drives their business.

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Creating Efficiency

One of Inc. Magazine's fastest-growing companies is based out of Vidalia, Louisiana owned by a brother duo called Southern Designs and Gifts. Tance Hughes, Founder and CEO, and his brother partner Seth Hughes, who runs production, are duet who manufacture home décor which could already be hanging in your home. In 2013 the company began making wall art with four CNC plasma tables. The four plasma machines were running 24 hours a day but just couldn’t keep up. After doing their due diligence and attending FABTECH, Southern Design decided to go with the Mazak OPTIPLEX NEXUS FIBER 6kW laser-cutting machine.

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One Year Later: 2019 Steel and Tariffs Outlook

The past, present and future of tariffs, steel, service centers and fabricators. Since entering The Oval Office, President Trump has implemented many new policies for the United States. One of these impactful decisions was announced through the President’s Twitter in March 2018. Trump’s decision was to set tariffs of 25 percent on imported steel and 10 percent on aluminum which was put into effect in June 2018. What has happened since implementing these tariffs and where are we at now? These questions are answered differently depending where you stand in the metals industry.

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February 2019

Five Tips for 2D Software Programming

Five Tips for Programming 2D Software for Mazak laser-cutting machines. Maximize your laser-cutting production and minimize loss by utilizing these five Mazak Smart System software programming tools and techniques. Check out these five major techniques and tools that you can use with Mazak Smart System to make your laser-cutting processes most efficient.

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January 2019

Laser Creates Single-Piece Part Flow

Percival Scientific of Perry, Iowa does more than you think. Being a leader in the manufacture of environmental growth chambers, or incubators, means they are changing the world of agriculture. With long term view in mind, Jesse Smith, Director of Manufacturing at Pervical, knew the cutting department wouldn’t be able to keep up with space and labor constraints. In 2016, Percival purchased their first laser which was a 2kW OPTIPLEX NEXUS FIBER. Implementing dynamic nesting and a low batch process style to single-piece part flow, the new software and laser weren’t the only changes to their fabricating.

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Cheers to 100 Years!

A fabricator’s guide to laser-cutting assist gases: Whether you are new to laser-cutting or need a refresher course, here is what you need to know regarding assist gases. This laser-cutting assist gas guide is here to refine your understanding regarding the difference gases and why they are used.

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