Mazak Newsroom

December 2023

Upgrade Your Laser Cutting with Automation

The flexibility of Mazak’s automation solutions, like the SMART CELL robotic sorting system, offers first-time buyers and experienced manufacturers simplicity and convenience to automate production. Compatible with Mazak’s flat sheet laser-cutting machines, SMART CELL can be integrated as a standalone solution or with automated storage towers for continuous production. Mazak’s automation systems are modular and available in multiple formats to accommodate various production and shop floor constraints.

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October 2023

First Choice

Located forty miles south of Sacramento, Lodi is known for its abundant vineyards and grape production. Naturally, community residents and local businesses contribute to the substantial agricultural industry that supports the growing city. Family owned and operated, Acampo Machine Works is one of those companies—manufacturing vineyard and orchard equipment for the local farm community. Until recently, laser cutting was one process the company outsourced to a trusted supplier. As lead times for these laser-cut parts increased, the team considered bringing laser cutting in-house. Implementing the new OPTIPLEX NEXUS laser-cutting machine and high-pressure air system from Mazak has resulted in cost savings, quicker turnaround times, and new business opportunities. Creating top of the line machinery requires top of the line equipment and support from a trusted partner, and the Acampo team has found that in Mazak.

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Together Success

In the Ditch Towing Products, Fish Fighter Products, RazorBack Offroad and Inventive Products make up Inventive-Group. One company, four brands is the slogan that defines the business. Inventive-Group operates out of 87,000 square feet of space in Mountain Home, Idaho—with 65,000 square feet designated for manufacturing and 22,000 square feet for office space. The Inventive-Group team switched to Mazak as their laser partner after reevaluating the relationship with their previous laser provider. Finding a partner that aligns with their business philosophy and goals so well has been integral for innovation. The team at Inventive-Group is happy with their decision to partner with Mazak. They know they can count on Mazak’s team when the need arises and look forward to succeeding together.

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Taking the Lead

Manufacturing is the mainstay of many businesses operating in the Midwest, and Right Angle Steel is no exception. With several metal fabrication job shops located near the company’s headquarters in Nappanee, IN, remaining competitive is a must. President, Josh Cook, shares “we like taking jobs that other centers turn down.” Intent on keeping the company’s manufacturing process up to date, Cook began looking at solutions that would increase production output. Today, Right Angle Steel operates out of a newly built 100,000 square foot facility serving the RV, trailer, automotive, and heavy equipment industries. Four fully automated flat sheet laser cells and a tube laser—Mazak’s OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 FIBER S4, 2–OPTIPLEX 3015 FIBER III 10kW, OPTIPLEX 3015 6kW, and FT-150 FIBER—fabricate everything from small laser-cut parts to large, welded assemblies.

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September 2023

Mazak Optonics Releases Larger and More Powerful Flat Sheet Laser Format, OPTIPLEX 4220 NEO 20kW

Mazak Optonics Corp. has expanded the machine configurations available on the OPTIPLEX NEO 2D laser-cutting product line. The OPTIPLEX NEO is now available in a larger and more powerful format. Previously available in the 3015 machine size with 4kW, 7kW, 10kW, and 15kW power options. Mazak’s OPTIPLEX NEO is now available in the larger 4220 machine size and powerful 20kW power level option to accommodate high-power cutting of larger material.

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Mazak Optonics Introduces SMART CELL Robotic Sorting System

Mazak’s SMART CELL is a 6-axis robot that utilizes interchangeable magnetic and suction cup grippers to sort laser-cut parts. SMART CELL can be customized to accommodate the needs of most shop environments. The sorting system is available in multiple size and payload options to sort a wide range of geometry.

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June 2023

Expanded Parts Facility Streamlines Customer Support

Mazak’s commitment to customer service prompted the investment in an expanded parts facility and the latest automation technologies to maintain a 97% same-day shipping rate on customers’ orders for machine parts. As a leader in manufacturing advanced laser-cutting solutions, Mazak Optonics Corporation prioritizes customer satisfaction. The recent expansion of the parts department aligns with Mazak’s commitment to better serve customers—by increasing capacity for parts and streamlining operations.

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May 2023

Mazak Optonics Exhibits at FABTECH Chicago 2023

Mazak Optonics will exhibit at FABTECH Chicago on September 11 – 14, 2023 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. Attendees of FABTECH Chicago can visit Mazak booth A3502 to see live equipment demonstrations on the recently released NEO platform. Available in 2D and 3D machine configurations, Mazak’s NEO platform features high-power laser cutting, beam shape/diameter control, and advanced cutting head technology.

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March 2023

Preview 3 and Preview G Battery Replacement

There are two different types of batteries—backup batteries for encoders and relocation batteries—that need to be replaced every 2,000 hours or when warning alarms appear. Follow the instructions to successfully change these batteries.

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