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December 2018

Cutting Assistance

A fabricator’s guide to laser-cutting assist gases: Whether you are new to laser-cutting or need a refresher course, here is what you need to know regarding assist gases. This laser-cutting assist gas guide is here to refine your understanding regarding the difference gases and why they are used.

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November 2018

Are you utilizing the R&D Tax Credit?

Are you looking for ways to save money, expand your business while improving your company’s bottom line? The R&D Tax Credit is an opportunity that allows you to take advantage of activities that you are probably already performing. Yet shockingly, it is estimated that only 5 percent of eligible companies claim the R&D Tax Credit. Largely as a result of the ongoing improvements made to their products and processes, manufacturers make up the largest group of R&D Tax Credit claimants. Each year, manufacturers receive considerable tax savings as a result of this government-sponsored incentive.

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October 2018

Unconstrained Automation

Automation is not a one-size-fits-all solution due to the many shop floor constraints, but all is not lost, partner with a builder that best customizes individual needs. Mazak offers endless configuration possibilities with their extensive and customizable automation solutions. When searching for automation, make sure that your requirements are being met and the system is able to keep up with the pace of your fiber laser-cutting machines.

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September 2018

GENCO and Mazak Credit Corp. Partner to Invest in New Mazak Fiber Laser

Genco Manufacturing Inc. has been producing quality fabricated metal products for over 30 years in Garnett, KS. Originally started as a fab shop but since then has decided to diversify by getting into the truck bed market. Previously building custom made to order truck beds, GENCO was specializing in custom products designed to meet customer's specifications at competitive prices. hile at FABTEH, GENCO decided to purchase a Mazak OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 Fiber laser-cutting system. The OPTIPLEX NEXUS Fiber laser was the answer to their increase in demand and continued growth. GENCO ended up taking advantage of the special Mazak Credit Corp (MCC) financing promotional rate for their first Mazak laser-cutting machine.

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Direct Diode Laser Technology Provides a New Blueprint for Metal Design Systems Growth

Direct Diode Laser technology allows Metal Design Systems higher throughput with near-perfect edge quality while also allowing the company to expand their capabilities and increase their opportunities. Continuously incorporating new methodology into their systems, MDSI works to add innovative features and installation improvement. One of their most recent additions was the purchase of a Mazak OPTIPLEX 4020 DDL laser cutting-machine.

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Leading the Way

Siouxland Fabrication Inc. is a complete fabrication job shop. Going from prints to finished assembled products, they do it all. Started in 2004, Siouxland was already an experienced fabricator and they continue to run on experience. Siouxland has a variety of Mazak lasers, totally eight different lasers all in some sort of automation cells ranging from configurations with one to three machines in each cell. Siouxland was looking to increase capacity and enter into the light gauge market. Their decision was to upgrade to a Mazak OPTIPLEX 3015 DDL with a LASER FLEX automation system with tower, unloading to the floor and shuttle cart.

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Mazak Introduces 6kW Direct Diode Laser at FABTCH

Mazak Optonics Corporation releases breatkthrough direct diode laser-cutting technology at FABTECH ATLANTA in booth #B7529. Mazak Optonics will showcase two laser-cutting machines and one automation system with the highlight being the launch of the OPTIPLEX 3015 DDL 6kW.

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August 2018

Blazing the Trail for Mobility

Action Manufacturing started out in the recreational motor sports business but in 2008, 10 years after his son’s accident which left him paralyzed, Tim Swenson knew he need to get his son back into the outdoors again. Now Swenson focuses on the all-terrain wheelchair. Now having sold over 3,500 Action Manufacturing knew a more efficient and accurate system needed to be put in place. Now, with the OPTIPLEX FIBER 4kW laser Action Manufacturing is now engineering their products around the laser's capabilities.

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Safety First

Mazak laser-cutting machines are incredibly safe machines but it is also necessary to follow proper procedure to reduce risks. Laser is actually an acronym for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation". Since there is a radiation stimulated light involved in the Mazak cutting process, there are potential hazards. Laser related hazards include laser beam contact, fire, fumes and electrocution. But the two most serious are beam contact and fire.

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July 2018

Mazak's Solution to IIoT Cyber Security

Mazak's iSMART Factory Solution connections machines to a network where the data is displayed and now readable in a visual format. This electronic data is prone to threats such as malware, spyware and ransomware. Keeping this data secure is vital, which is why Mazak has the SmartBox to protect your shop floor.

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June 2018

Wishlist Achieved

IIoT and customer input help shape the laser machine controls of today and tomorrow with the new PreviewG control. Having an easy-to-use, fast, smart and IoT connected laser cutting control is what customers want. The capabilities of looking further ahead, being ergonomical, tracking cutting and maintenance, and showing in real-time what is happening at the fiber laser machine make the PreviewG control a game changer for laser-cutting technology.

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May 2018

Mazak Optonics sees customer service through a new set of lenses

Mazak Optonics now offers the latest in wearable smart technology offering Mazak SMART Glasses. These glasses enable a Mazak Service Technician to remotely view what your laser operator sees by utilizing telepresence technology. Learn more about the Mazak SMART Glasses and their benefits here in the Mazak Optonics blog post.

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Larry Pollastrini promoted to Installations Assistant Manager

Mazak Optonics Corp. is pleased to announce the promotion of Larry Pollastrini from the New Machine Coordinator to the Installations Assistant Manager.

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April 2018

Women Impacting the Manufacturing Industry

The skills gap is nothing new to US manufacturing but as it continues to widen over the next decade, 3.4 million jobs will be needed. Women total roughly 47 percent of US jobs, yet the manufacturing workforce is only made up of approximately 29 percent women. Even with women being a small percentage of the manufacturing workforce, they are already improving the industry immensely. Women are an essential part of manufacturing and will continue to be in the future. I have been fortunate enough to chat with some of these women who are paving the way for successful careers in manufacturing.

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March 2018

Are Trump's Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum Good or Bad?

Since his campaign began, President Trump has been pro-manufacturing and anti-foreign steel and aluminum. President Trump said the dumping of foreign metals puts America at a national-security risk. President Trump on March 5th, tweeted, “To protect our country we must protect American Steel!” On March 1st, President Donald Trump has announced to impose a 25 percent tariff on imported steel and a 10 percent tariff on imported aluminum. But what does this mean for fabricators and manufacturers? The potential effects are still in question on whether this is a good or bad deal.

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February 2018

Employee Retention: A Proactive Approach to the Skills Gap

As of January 2018, the unemployment rate has steadily been at 4.1 percent in the United States according to a press release by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The release also added that payroll employment has continued to rise for manufacturing, adding 186,000 jobs in the past 12 months. The quits rate is back to pre-recession peak of 2.2 percent. High employee turnover can reduce productivity, increase costs for businesses, and leave organizational goals unmet. With limited skilled workers, more jobs, and higher quit rates it makes it that much more important to keep the employees you have happy. With the current war on top talent, how do fabricators keep their top employees?

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January 2018

The Impact of the Trump Tax Reform

The last time the United States had a comprehensive tax revamp was in 1986. After 32 years, on December 22 the latest tax reform bill was made into law. There have been a many different views on the new law. But what it is important is how the bill affects your business. Here is a quick rundown on the benefits of the new law, opportunities and uncertainties.

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Perfect Machine for Future Opportunities

Uni-Structures, based in Kennesaw, Georgia fabricates drive-thru components to the quick-service restaurants (QSR) industry. Ultimately Uni-Structures was looking for something that would give them the capabilities they needed today, but would also allow for the most growth potential tomorrow. The Mazak OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 FIBER opened up so many more opportunities. They were able to consider what other products Uni-Structures could offer their customers. The laser cutting system has allowed them to get ahead and stay ahead.

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Hitting The Boom

Prescient Co. Inc., a technology and manufacturing company offering a faster, greener and more cost-effective alternative to conventional building structures, the company is well positioned to see continued success in 2018. Prescient invested in the 3D FABRI GEAR 220 which is now used in all of the company's projects. The fabricator was able to bring cutting in-house because of the FABRI GEAR’s range of capabilities and because of that, quality has also improved. The machine is much more accurate allowing for repeatability and high-quality parts.

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