Mazak Newsroom

November 2022

Partners for Decades

Co-Line Welding Inc., maintains 375,000-plus sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities in Lynnville, IA, with 215 employees providing a host of metal sheet, plate and tube fabrication, and assembly services. Parts and products make their way to agricultural, construction, automotive, and other industries in North America. In 2003, the desire to bring back some outsourced laser cutting led the company to Mazak Optonics and was the beginning of a long-term laser-equipment relationship. Today, the investment in tube, sheet, and plate cutting in particular has yielded Co-Line a roster of 14 Mazak Optonics machines, including 4-, 7-, 8- and 10-kW laser cutters. Co-Line will add to its laser cutting offerings, with three 15-kW OptiPlex 3015 NEO 2D machines slated for install.

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August 2022

Orange Support App Puts Service at Your Fingertips

Every manufacturer knows the vital role ease of use plays in maintaining high productivity. That holds true of machines and equipment, but it is just important when it comes to service and support. Mazak Optonics strives to provide customers the highest level of service and support in a timely manner. The Orange Support app was developed for that reason—to simplify and streamline customer support.

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July 2022

Maintaining Relevance

Southwest Welding started out as a custom welding and repair shop almost 40 years ago in Southwest, Indiana. At the time, the company serviced and repaired equipment for local agricultural and industrial businesses from their 1500-square-foot facility. However, the company’s focus soon shifted—from offering repairs to providing fabrication services. Partnering with Mazak has proven to be advantageous for Southwest Welding—by increasing efficiency, expanding capabilities, and improving part quality.

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Mazak Optonics Releases FG-400 NEO

Mazak Optonics Corp. has released the the latest in its 3D laser-cutting line up, the FG-400 NEO. The FG-400 NEO features a 3D cutting head that maximizes flexibility and range of movement, expanding the range of potential applications. A-axis and B-axis capabilities of the laser head enable cutting of tube, pipe, and structural material at any desired angle. Proprietary beam shape and diameter technology efficiently processes various materials, features, and thicknesses.

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June 2022

The Advantages of High-Power Beam Shaping Technology in Laser Cutting

Mazak's proprietary beam shaping technology delivers power through a fiber optic cable but in a multi-core format. With this new technology, operators can decide how much power is in the center versus the outer edges of the beam. The OPTIPLEX 3015 NEO combines this innovative beam control technology with a high 15kW power level for optimal laser-cutting performance.

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Mazak Optonics Exhibits at FABTECH Atlanta 2022

Mazak Optonics will exhibit at FABTECH Atlanta on November 8 – 10, 2022 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. Attendees of FABTECH Atlanta will see live equipment demonstrations on the newly released OPTIPLEX 3015 NEO, which will be displayed in booth # B7541. Mazak’s OPTIPLEX 3015 NEO features 15kW of high power, beam shape/diameter control, an advanced torch head, and a new series of nozzles.

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March 2022

Mazak Optonics Releases OPTIPLEX 3015 NEO

Mazak Optonics Corp. has released the next generation of laser-cutting machines, the OPTIPLEX 3015 NEO 15kW. The OPTIPLEX 3015 NEO is equipped with technology that allows increased control of beam shape and beam diameter. The machine automatically adjusts beam diameter to optimally cut various materials and beam shape to control the concentration and power density of the laser beam. The result is improved cut speed and cut quality for a wide range of materials.

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Mazak Optonics Announces Expanded North American Headquarters

Mazak Optonics is pleased to announce the completed expansion of their North America Laser Technology Center. The additional 20,000 square-feet of capacity helps facilitate the company’s goal of enhancing customer support, while continuing research and developing new laser and automation solutions.

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Mazak Optonics Exhibits at Fabtech Canada 2022

Mazak Optonics will exhibit at FABTECH Canada on June 14 – 16, 2022 at the Toronto Congress Centre in Toronto, ON. In partnership with Westway Machinery, a metal forming equipment supplier in Canada, Mazak Optonics will showcase the innovative OPTIPLEX NEXUS FIBER S7. Visitors of Westway Machinery’s booth will have the opportunity to connect with Mazak personnel to discuss laser and automation solutions tailored to their needs.

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February 2022

Achieving Accuracy

Founded in 1986, Springfield Sign began as a small garage-based shop focused on screen printing and vinyl signs. Today, Springfield Sign is a full-service national sign company. With extensive experience creating signs for major players in the restaurant, food/service, and retail industries, leaders at Springfield Sign understand the importance of preserving a brand’s image. However, the CNC router that they were using to construct signs was not meeting their expectations—as it was limited in its ability to make precise cuts. With Mazak’s OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 FIBER 6kW, LASER FLEX automation system, and FT-150 FIBER the company has been able to secure new business, reduce secondary processes, bring cutting in-house, and maximize productivity.

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January 2022

Expanding the Product Mix at Plimetal

Plimetal Inc. is a Montreal-based shop founded in 1986 that specializes in laser cutting and bending for a variety of industries in Quebec. The shop works in steel, aluminum, and stainless steel and cuts both sheet and tube. A lot of the company’s work is custom, which involves producing one-offs as quickly as possible. In 2019 the company installed a Mazak 4 kW FABRI GEAR CO2 tube laser. The FABRI GEAR has not only helped Plimetal, but also their customers. While Plimetal has gained a new range of customers, their customers have also benefitted with reduced prices thanks to Mazak's FABRI GEAR.

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How to Program Jobs Using Scheduler

Sometimes automation is not a realistic option for companies due to budgetary concerns, lack of space, or simply because the company is “not quite there yet”. For customers who wish to keep up their high production volume with limited resources, Scheduler is a great addition when planning a more effective production.

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