Pre-Owned Laser-Cutting Machines

Investing in Laser-Cutting Technology

Purchasing new equipment is a large financial investment. That’s why Mazak Optonics offers pre-owned laser-cutting machines as an option. By purchasing a Mazak machine, you are receiving the industry's highest quality resale value laser-cutting machine. When you purchase a pre-owned Mazak laser you are being ensured top-notch quality and high performance.

Pre-Owned Laser Machines

Mazak pre-owned laser machines are an alternative to getting the laser-cutting quality you need at an affordable price. Pre-owned machines are refurbished with Mazak’s high-end spare parts and performed by a Mazak Optonics Service technician for increased quality control. 

Pros and Cons of Pre-Owned Laser Machines

Thinking about adding a laser-cutting system to your shop? Consider the pros and cons of purchasing a pre-owned laser machine.

Pros: The value you can receive from investing in pre-owned machines can be advantageous. Due to depreciation of equipment, you can still receive a high-quality laser-cutting machine for an affordable initial investment.

Cons: While purchasing pre-owned equipment might appear to be a more favorable option, it’s important to consider some long-term factors. Newer laser-cutting machines include the latest technology advancements, whereas previously owned equipment can have legacy technology. Operating with legacy technology may increase your maintenance intervals, leading to increased costs of operation. Factoring in maintenance cost for a pre-owned laser could be more costly for your business down the road. Pre-owned lasers tend to offer less warranty as well.

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