2D Laser-Cutting Machines

Mazak Optonics believes one size does not fit all when it comes to 2D laser-cutting technology. Therefore, Mazak offers a wide range of 2D laser machines designed to meet the specific needs of a fabricator’s operation. Mazak’s 2D laser machines are available in two configurations, depending on the needs of the laser-cutting application. These configurations include a flying optics design and a hybrid design.

Whether in a high-volume, limited changeover production environment or high-variation job shop requiring flexibility, Mazak provides cost-effective solutions to meet a range of fabricator needs. Many of Mazak’s 2D laser-cutting systems integrate intelligent machine functions which include intelligent monitoring, setup, and cutting functions. These automated functions improve ease of operation and machine efficiency.

Part of the 2D laser-cutting offerings that Mazak Optonics has are high power lasers which include 4kW-20kW power levels. These high-power laser cutting systems offer unsurpassed laser cutting speed and part throughput. High power levels provide an increased cutting range, high-speed cutting, faster piercing, improved edge quality, and the ability to cut thicker material with nitrogen and compressed air.

Discover the performance advantages of each Mazak 2D laser-cutting system.