Mazak Optonics sees customer service through a new set of lenses

Mazak now offers SMART Glasses to improve customer service experience

By Kaylee Swearingen, Marketing Specialist, Mazak Optonics Corp. 


In 2018 we now live in the era of wearable smart technology, where computers and electronics are integrated to be worn on the body. We wear fitness trackers like FitBit, which monitor heartrate, exercise, and sleep. We add GPS tracking devices like XY Findit and Mu Tag to our car keys, luggage and purses to help us find lost items. We communicate with smartwatches that allow us to reply to text messages and answer phone calls all from our wrist. These smart wearable devices are widely worn in our everyday lives and are slowing migrating into other aspects. Now these advanced technologies have made their way into the fabrication industry. Mazak Optonics is now offering Mazak SMART Glasses to better serve their laser-cutting customers.

What are Mazak SMART Glasses?

Mazak SMART Glasses are wearable glasses that enable a Mazak service technician to remotely view what laser operators see. Mazak SMART Glasses utilize telepresence which is two-way audio communication that incorporates one-way video through live feed streaming or recording. This wearable technology allows for Mazak laser users to call-in regarding a service issue by facilitating diagnostics and possible issue resolution.

How do Mazak SMART Glasses Work?

With integrated camera and audio, customers can directly call Mazak customer service with the touch of a button. But it is recommended that you call the Mazak support line first, to make sure a technical support engineer is ready with the application. Once connected with the Mazak support team through WiFi or a data hot spot, customers are able to stream what they are seeing at their machine. The auto-focusing camera allows Mazak support members to visualize the issue with ease. Mazak service is able to see the issue through an application on their phone or computer. By watching the live-stream through the application, Mazak service technicians are able to walk laser operators through their current situation and start the resolution process.

Who can use Mazak SMART Glasses? 

It is important to realize, the Mazak SMART Glasses are not machine specific. This means that any Mazak laser customer can order these glasses. Even if you don’t have the latest in laser-cutting technology, you can still use the Mazak SMART Glasses for your existing fiber and CO2 laser machines.

Why should you consider Mazak SMART Glasses?

In fact, there are multiple benefits to the Mazak SMART Glasses. First, with the Mazak service engineers seeing the situation from the laser operator’s point-of-view this allows for improved trouble shooting. Second, having the ability to trouble shoot more effectively leads to improved responsiveness in solving the problem. Third, with service engineers being able to see the problem instead of being told the problem, the resolution can be discovered quicker, reducing machine downtime. Fourth, since Mazak service technicians have the ability to view the machine from the laser operator’s Mazak SMART Glasses, this can potentially eliminate the need for a service technician to come to your facility, which saves you money.

Added bonus!

In addition, to the Mazak SMART Glasses being used for Mazak service, these glasses can also be used to record standard operating procedures on the machine. These recorded videos can be archived and eliminates the need for operators to read the procedure, instead they can view it. This can also help with language barriers since you are watching instead of reading.

Last look

To put it briefly, wearable technology is not just for the individual, it is now being used for better a customer service experience. Mazak SMART Glasses are the start of wearable technology entering the fabrication industry. Mazak Optonics embraces this new technology to increase effectiveness by tapping into the technical support resources available at the Elgin, Illinois office.

If you are interested in getting your own pair of Mazak SMART Glasses, contact the Mazak Support Line 1-888-MAZAK-US (629-2587).

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