EM Dynamics Aims to be a Cut Above

Not only does Toronto based, EM Dynamics offer exceptional work as a company, the fabricator also sets the standard on how to give back to the communities that matter most.

For over 40 years, EM Dynamics has been fabricating and machining for clients around the world. EM Dynamics is a 100 percent owned and operated Canadian company located in Toronto, Ontario. The 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility focuses on design, manufacturing and integration expertise for vertically integrated contract manufacturing.

“Our business was rapidly expanding, and we needed a laser that couple keep up with and stay ahead of the curb of production,” says Ranbir Sidhu, Vice President of Sales at EM Dynamics. He continues, “The number of orders were growing beyond the limits of our capacity and we were longing for controls on the cost of production. There were also potential orders and customers that we were unable to fulfil because our machine was too small.”

EMD’s previous CO2 laser machine was too small and was unable to cut the material and thicknesses that customers were requiring. They were also spending a lot of time and money on less modern punching machines that required expensive dies to be purchased and stocked. To bring in new clientele, customer needs and production schedules changed. They needed a machine that could load larger sheets of material and cut a variety of materials at much faster speeds. Sidhu says, “Even if we met those requirements, we would now have a lot more jobs headed to the clean-up department to clean burr on edges/vertices. We required a machine with the cut quality to surpass mundane clean-up operations. In the long run, we needed a machine with all the tools and performance to lower our cost of production.”

A Cut Above

EMD required a reliable and capable fiber laser-cutting machine from a reputable brand that had excellent customer support which led them to investigate four suppliers. The final decision was to go with Mazak’s OPTIPLEX FIBER 8kW machine.

Sidhu said, “I was personally blown away by the machine’s immaculate cut quality and variety of machine controls. The benefits of those two features could play in our company’s future was glaringly obvious to me.”

While performance and capability are essential, that was not enough for Sidhu and EMD. “Mazak offered a very impressive machine at competitive pricing, but the main reason we believe in Mazak was their competency and support,” Sidhu further explains, “Our Mazak Region Manager, was very keen on understanding our needs, our process and our future ambition. He gave us the machine blueprint, machine options and services that we needed to set ourselves apart from our competition and thrive in the future.”

Garnered Results

Since installation of the OPTIPLEX FIBER III 8kW, EMD has experienced immediate results. “It is evident that the machine’s ability and promise was no exaggeration. The benefits are increases in four major categories for a metal fabricator: cut-speed, cut quality, material cut range and sheet size,” said Sidhu.

Sidhu stated, “The machine saves us money through its speed and quality. It saves us man-power through its customized options and controls. Most importantly, it speeds up our time-to-market.”

As a job shop EMD works with a variety of different customers in an assortment of industries that require rapid prototyping, new product introductions, and manufacturing.

“For example, the medical and military markets are primarily in the business of saving lives. Our new Mazak laser-cutting machine gives us the ability to provide customers the comfort of receiving their parts within the sensitive time frame that they desire to support their critical industry,” explained Sidhu.

The materials the shop is cutting have broadened as well. “Our forming centers have less downtime than they did in the past,” said Sidhu. “We have since added new press brakes and have been able to match their capacity. The quality and speed of the laser in comparison to what we had in the past shows that if you invest in resources upstream, it can increase flow downstream exponentially—and that’s what we have done here.”

Philanthropy Local and Abroad

While EMD serves customers all around the world, they also serve both their community in the Greater Toronto Area and in India.

Sidhu elaborates, “In India, we have many disparities in our state of Punjab. Our home village of Chakar became devoid of unity, faith and resources. For my family, namely my late father and uncle, it was critical to do what we could to help out and pave a path for the youth. Those two along with myself, other family members and friends that shared a similar goal helped implement a new wave of belief and support. A few initiatives included a complete revamping of the sewer system structure, clean water irrigation, planting tens of thousands of trees at a time, new community and senior centers and repaving of major routes.”

Sports were also a passion for them so they wanted to extend the olive branch to communities both locally and internationally to give children opportunities where resources can often be hard to come by. Which lead EMD to spur the Sher-E Punjab Sports Academy in existence in 2006. This academy gives children free memberships to participate in sporting culture, specifically boxing and soccer. The motto for the children has always been to train, compete, thrive and the reinvest in the seeds of the future by teaching the youth.

“This opportunity gave children a way out of the drugs and violence that was becoming synonymous to rural Punjab,” says Sidhu, “Ever since its fruition, the academy has nurtured several athletes that have gone on to dominate every stage of competition from regional to international.”

Sidhu explains, “There are three main aims in our commitment. First it is to give back to the communities that have raised us and continue to nurture us, namely by empowering the youth. Secondly, we feel an overwhelming pressure to provide resources where there are few, whether it be sporting or in regards to health. Finally, we want to provide an example to others.”

EMD absolutely demonstrates themselves as a leader in providing high quality products to their extensive range of customers through advanced fabrication and manufacturing. Not only does the company offer exceptional work, it also set the standard on how to give back to the communities that matter most.

Article published in the April issue of Canadian Fabricating and Welding. 

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