Fox Machinery Open House 2021

Fox Machinery’s 2021 Manufacturing Expo & Open House will be held in Exton, PA on June 8 - 9.

Watch live equipment demonstrations from Mazak Optonics and Liberty Systems. Mazak will be showing the innovative OPTIPLEX NEXUS FIBER S7 utilizing a high performance air system by Liberty System. Learn about beam shaping technology and how high-pressure air can improve your ROI and create cost-savings.

For more information about this event and how to register, please visit Fox Machinery’s website.

Mazak's OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 FIBER S7 is a 2D flying optics fiber laser-cutting system that utilizes the rugged construction of the OPTIPLEX NEXUS platform. This fiber laser is designed with Revolutionary Variable Beam Parameter Product (V-BPP) technology that better controls the laser beam for superior cut performance that is normally available only on the highest technology machines. 

Discover More about the OPTIPLEX NEXUS FIBER S7