FABTECH Chicago 2021

Discover More on the Latest in Laser-cutting Technology 

Mazak Optonics will be exhibiting at FABTECH Chicago on September 13-16. Visit booth #A4402 to discover the latest in Mazak laser-cutting technology. 

Learn about groundbreaking Variable Beam Parameter Product (V-BPP) technology available on Mazak’s OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 FIBER S7 that better controls the laser beam for superior cut performance. See how the FT-150 FIBER tube laser machine can deliver high-speed and high-productivity for small to medium diameter tube production. Finally, explore the high power capabilities of the OPTIPLEX 3015 FIBER III 10kW as it utilizes an innovative control and drive package to deliver high performance.



Groundbreaking Variable Beam Parameter Product (V-BPP) technology better controls the laser beam for superior cut performance

  • Beam shaping technology delivers optimal thick and thin metal cutting, higher cutting speed, superior edge quality, and improved piercing time.
  • V-BPP enables you to select specific beam shapes that can significantly improve part quality.
  • MAZATROL PreviewG CNC helps simplify set-up and operation.
  • MAZATROL PreviewG CNC can provide real-time cutting metrics and maintenance data maximizing machine utilization and reducing unexpected down time.
  • Active Live Camera Nesting is a user-friendly solution for an operator to quickly and easily process additional parts on demand, without delay.


Small to medium diameter production tube-cutting

  • FT-150 FIBER delivers high-speed and high-productivity for small to medium diameter tube production.
  • Proprietary U-Axis enables impressive cutting speeds and superior part accuracy through a wide range of applications.
  • This fiber tube laser utilizes a 2.5D torch with focus detection. The programmable angle of the B-Axis enables bevel cutting of the material thickness and improves welding, multi-tube assembly, fit and finish.
  • Equipped with a standard 6.5 meter bundle loader.
  • Optional extrusion tapping is a value added process that utilizes a rotary spindle and eight tool positions. Any tool position can be deployed for direct taping or combined with extrusion, providing proper thread depth.
  • Optional spatter guard protects the internal tube surfaces from cutting debris and reduces secondary operations.
  • Optional weld seam detection camera orients the workpiece for proper geometry orientation.


High-performance laser-cutting machine for fabrication job shops and production environments

  • The MAZATROL PREVIEW G Control offers a state of the art CPU for unsurpassed operating speed, high-response and high-speed machine motion.
  • The high power OPTIPLEX FIBER III utilizes a new drive system provides higher productivity through high-speed and high-accuracy.
  • Designed to integrate Intelligent Setup, Monitoring, and Cutting Functions, the OPTIPLEX FIBER III simplifies operations and reduces operator dependency.
  • OPTIPLEX 3015 FIBER III is equipped with sensors that monitor piercing and cutting operations to improve throughput and part quality.

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