Mazak to Fuel Performance Racing Industry Show with Advanced Machine Tools

Florence, Kentucky, November 18, 2011 – At the 2011 Performance Racing Industry Show, taking place December 1 – 3 in Orlando, Fla., Mazak will showcase advanced, fully equipped machines designed to accelerate productivity, accuracy and versatility when machining parts for the motorsports industry.

Show attendees who visit Mazak booth 4169 inside the Orange County Convention Center will experience the INTEGREX i-200ST Multi-Tasking Center, VERTICAL CENTER SMART 530C Vertical Machining Center and QUICK TURN SMART 200M Multi-Tasking Center, as well as learn about Mazak’s involvement with Penske Racing.


One of Mazak’s newest Multi-Tasking centers, the INTEGREX i-200ST efficiently processes mid-size complex components and combines versatility and high accuracy in a compact machine design that features twin spindles, a lower turret and milling spindle for unbeatable Done-In-One productivity.

As a Level 4 machine in Mazak’s Five Levels of Multi-Tasking, the INTEGREX i-200ST turns, drills, taps and mills, while offering off-centerline and full simultaneous 5-axis contouring. Mazak developed its Five Levels of Multi-Tasking as an effective way for manufacturers to determine the best multi-tasking technology for meeting their specific application and process needs.

Both turning spindles on the INTEGREX i-200ST provide equal high performance with spindle speeds of 5,000 rpm and C-axis turning control. And both have a bore capacity measuring 3” (76 mm) in diameter.

For C-axis contouring versatility at either turning spindle, the machine’s vertically mounted milling spindle provides 30 hp (22 kW), 12,000 rpm and a rotating B-axis range of -30° to +240°. Mazak’s unique roller cam drive for the B-axis ensures higher accuracy and rigidity, while providing zero backlash. A 36-tool (72-tool optional) magazine allows for fast tool changes and provides ample tooling for continuous part processing.

The lower turret on the INTEGREX i-200ST comes with nine turning tools. Moreover, when working in conjunction with the machine’s milling spindle, the lower turret can perform at either side of the machine headstock to reduce machining cycle times.

The INTEGREX i-200ST provides an ample Y-axis travel of 9.8” (249 mm) and vertical X-axis of 24.2” (615 mm), with 4.92” (125 mm) below centerline. The machine accommodates parts up to 25.9” (657.8 mm) in diameter.


The VERTICAL CENTER SMART 530C is a highly productive and advanced vertical machining center that provides speed and accuracy for a variety of motorsports machining applications. The machine’s operator-friendly design makes for easy set up and daily maintenance, while its eco-friendly functions reduce energy consumption.

The powerful 12,000-rpm, 25 hp (18.5 kW), 40-taper spindle performs both high-speed cutting and heavy metal-removal jobs. The low-vibration spindle incorporates ceramic bearings for high accuracy and uses greased lubrication that will not drop to the machine’s table or contaminate cutting coolant.

The machine’s fast, fully enclosed 30-tool automatic tool changer makes for short chip-to-chip times of only 2.9 seconds. And maximum axis feedrates of 1,654 ipm (4,200 mm/min) allow the VERTICAL CENTER SMART 530C to further reduce non-cut times and shorten overall part processing time.

The machine’s worktable measures 51.18” (1,300 mm) x 22” (559 mm), and together with ample axis travels of 41.3” (1,050 mm) in X, 20.86” (530 mm) in Y and 20.08” (510 mm) in Z, the VERTICAL CENTER SMART 530C offers part processing versatility for a wide range of sizes and shapes. Mazak’s SMART CNC control further adds to the machine’s versatility by allowing the use of both EIA/ISO programs and conversational programming to simplify machine set up and increase operator efficiency.


The QUICK TURN SMART 200M Multi-Tasking Turning Center, with milling capabilities, fast axis feedrates and user-friendly SMART CNC control, effectively increases productivity levels in high production environments.

The machine’s headstock features an 8" (203 mm) chuck size, mounted on a 25 hp (18.5 kW), 5,000-rpm integrated spindle motor with a 2.56” (65 mm) spindle bore that is optimized for machining performance. As a Level 1 machine in Mazak’s Five Levels of Multi-Tasking, the QUICK TURN SMART 200M utilizes a 12-position drum turret and 7.5 hp (5.5 kW), 4,500-rpm rotary tool spindle for milling, drilling, and tapping operations, allowing many processes to be completed in a single machine cycle.

The QUICK TURN SMART 200M utilizes Mazak’s exclusive MX Hybrid Roller Guide System on the X- and Z-axes to ensure high rigidity and smooth cutting. It also features X-axis ball screw pretension for high accuracy. Additionally, the machine is very reliable, particularly when set up for long runs with an automatic bar-feeder system.

The Mazak SMART CNC control simplifies turning operations on the QUICK TURN SMART series. It provides ease of operation and offers a 10.4" LCD color display and the familiar QWERTY keyboard. The SMART control further adds to the machine’s versatility by allowing the use of both EIA/ISO programs and conversational programming. The Control provides a tool path check and time study analysis to optimize the machining process.

Additionally, the QUICK TURN SMART 200M features an NC servo-driven tailstock to enable automated processes. The tailstock is fully programmable, driving the W-axis on its own AC servomotor and ball screw. Through the part program, the tailstock will retract to a known position and its center makes contact with the part with consistent holding pressure. Because of its positive independent drive system, the tailstock can be used to drill holes on a shaft centerline adding versatility to the jobs it can process.

Penske Racing Technical Sponsor

Penske Racing uses Mazak machines to manufacture critical car components and maintains “the team couldn’t do what it does on the racetrack without Mazak machine tool technology.” Mazak has proudly sponsored Penske Racing since 1994, and its logo is present on all of the IndyCar winglets, as well as on the NASCAR Series cars.

About Mazak Optonics Corporation

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