Get to know Steve Brazil, Software Engineer

When issues arise, having immediate assistance is a must. The Mazak Call Center has technical support engineers that are ready to help with customers' laser-cutting concerns. These engineers are in the Elgin office ready to help over the phone with troubleshooting, diagnosing alarms and providing quotes. Steve started out at Mazak as part of the Mazak Call Center team and has transitioned into a new role as Software Engineer at Mazak Optonics.

Charlie Zeman, Call Center Supervisor stated, "Steve joined Mazak Optonics with laser field service experience which he has combined with enthusiastic problem-solving skills. He brings a friendly and energetic approach to problem-solving and is relentless in resolving a problem to a successful outcome. I am glad to say Steve is on the Mazak Call Center team."

Learn more about Steve Brazil and his role as a Technical Support Engineer. 

Quick Q&A with Steve Brazil

What is your background in laser technology?

 “I have an associate’s degree in automotive and worked in the automotive industry for about 5 years doing preventative maintenance and minor repairs.”

“I worked as an installer and service technician at a different laser manufacturer for a year and a half. Installations and service were great because it was instant gratification of building the machines then watching them run, it was satisfying.”

“I also worked as a welder and fabricator for the railroad for about 2 years. When trains derail or become damaged, the parts were not readily available so I would weld fabricated parts directly to the freight cars. This can be dangerous because many of those freight cars can be carrying combustible materials inside them which could be ignited and have detrimental effects. I would repair these trains so they can travels across the country safely.”

What is your current role at Mazak?

“I am a technical support engineer. My responsibilities include troubleshooting, diagnosing machine alarms, providing quotes for preventative maintenance and service repairs and also assisting with verifying parts needed for service work. Technical support calls can have a quick turnaround, within 5 – 10 minutes, but other times it is more advanced, requiring further communication with the customer.”

“Learning to communicate diagrams and diagnose problems over the phone has been challenging yet gratifying. I find that continuing to grow my machine knowledge is very rewarding. The best part of my job is figuring out the problem and walking the customer through the solution, those are the best moments.”

What is your definition of great customer service and what do you do to provide it?

“Great customer service is helping people regardless of who they are or where they come from. Giving great customer service provides an experience that, not only reflects well on the company but also gives customers a reason to come back when they need more assistance. Not only are we a business taking care of our customers, but when issues arise, we become a team, working together to build each other up and resolve issues in a timely manner.”

What are your interests and hobbies?

“I enjoy watching sports with my girlfriend and our families, especially football. My favorite team is the Chicago Bears.”

“I also like robotics. Any machines that can run autonomously really fascinate me. I still buy robotic toys so I can learn to build them and program them. I am also teaching myself HTML and C++ coding languages.”

“About 4 or 5 years ago, I got into motorcycle racing. I have a CBR 1000 RR motorcycle. I have been to the California Super Bike School where I completed level 1 and level 2, but still, need to go back for level 3 and level 4. I also have been to Blackhawk Farm Raceway where I am doing a race training course this summer. I still have a lot to learn but it’s an amazing experience to be on two wheels, hitting high speeds and being one with the bike. That freedom is priceless.”

Which would you pick: being world-class attractive, a genius or famous for doing something great and why?

“I would love to be famous for doing something extraordinary. I would like to be remembered for positively affecting a multitude of people and making the world a slightly better place. I think bringing people together from all different backgrounds while enjoying a shared event would be making the world a better place. Or if I could invent something that would bring people closer together, that would be ideal, but technology can hurt or help human interactions.”

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