Get to know Jeff Warpehoski, Tactical Response Manager

Continuous innovation makes it possible for Mazak Optonics to provide customers the latest in laser-cutting technology. Mazak personnel work together to successfully implement new technologies into Mazak’s product offering. As Tactical Response Manager, Jeff Warpehoski is responsible for analyzing and interpreting data to coordinate important product modifications/updates. Additionally, his extensive experience with Mazak’s service department makes him an asset to the Mazak team.

Learn more about Jeff through this quick Q&A session. 

Quick Q&A with Jeff Warpehoski

What is your background involving laser machines and the fabrication industry?

"I obtained my Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Lasers and Electro-optics in 1989. I then attended the University of Rochester to pursue a degree in Optic Engineering. I left the U of R early to pursue a research project at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories. After successfully completing the research project, I returned to my roots in the Midwest. In January 1994, I accepted a field service position with Mazak Nissho Iwai, now Mazak Optonics Corp. Since then, I have held various positions within the company, all of which have been with the Service Department."

What is your current role at Mazak?

“In my current role as Tactical Response Manager, I support our customers, employees, and factory by analyzing and interpreting data to coordinate factory modifications/updates.

Like a utility infielder, I also step up and fill other roles in the service department during the absence of employees—to facilitate forward progress with their customers and service calls. In addition, I assist the service department with training, sequence ladder logic troubleshooting, and advise on the allocation of engineers and parts. I am also the Laser Safety Officer and part of the export compliance review.” 

What is your definition of great customer service?

"There is no single word that can encompass great customer service. I believe it starts with the desire to help others. Those that are only in it for the paycheck will not last long in customer service. One must have the will and ability to execute great customer service while being diligent and maintaining communication with the customer. You may not know the answer for a customer immediately, but it is important to know where to get the answer and follow up with the customer. Being nice and having empathy for how much the problem at hand affects the customer can go a long way. At Mazak, we have a great supporting team in our office, overseas, and in the field who are always ready to help when the need arises."

What are your hobbies and interest?

"I dabble a bit in many things. I enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, snowmobiling, bourbon tasting, and golfing. I like watching sports and am a lifelong Packer fan. I took up woodworking a couple years ago and started by building a bourbon bar. There is nothing like jumping in the deep end of the learning pool. However, as much as I enjoy these things, my favorite hobby is being the “Best Dad Ever”.  It is, by far, the most rewarding (even the annual Father’s Day spa day)."

What is your favorite place to visit on vacation? 

"Our trip to DC last year was amazing. Arlington National was as humbling as it was incredible. Each trip we try to go somewhere new. What’s next? Maybe Niagara Falls, maybe Albuquerque balloon festival…Not sure where we will end up, but we will do our best to make it memorable."

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