History & Milestones

Over the years, Mazak has perfectly positioned itself as one of the world’s most recognized leaders in the manufacturing industry. The company has brought revolutionary change and innovation to the North American machine tool and laser-cutting equipment markets by continuously investing in and expanding its operations for the ultimate benefit of its customers.

1919 Yamazaki Iron Works is founded in Japan by Yamazaki Sadakichi.
1968 Mazak enters the U.S. market in Long Island, New York.
1974 Mazak moves to Florence, Kentucky and begins manufacturing machine tools.
1983 Mazak develops the first integrated resonator-based laser-cutting machine design.
1984 Mazak becomes the first laser manufacturer to implement factory automation.
1985 Mazak introduces automation cells for lasers.
1987 Mazak brings lasers to the United States through the jointly owned company, Nissho Iwai, for the marketing, sales, service and support of laser-cutting systems and introduces the first machine designed for laser production from the ground up.
1990 Mazak introduces the first constant beam based laser delivery system.
1993 Mazak patents a one-pass load/unload automation system.
2000 Mazak becomes the first laser manufacturer to offer parts sorting for laser machines.
2005 Mazak dissolves Nissho Iwai into Mazak Optonics Corporation and introduces the first completely automated setup function for lasers.
2009 Mazak Optonics Corporation moves into the World’s Largest Laser-Dedicated Technology Center in Elgin, Illinois.
2011 Mazak Optonics Corporation introduces the Optiplex Fiber laser-cutting system.
2013 Mazak Optonics Corporation expands the 12 year partnership between Mazak Europe and TekMag, an Italian automation systems manufacturer, by delivering customized laser automation solutions to the North American market.